Cantus Lunaris – Fabula Antiqua

The first lilting strains of Bonny Portmore swelled just as the Welsh mountains of Snowdonia were coming into view, and the moment couldn’t have been more perfect. Knowing it was […]

In the Deep Hearts Core – Kiltartan Road

Have you ever had a song that was so precious you were hesitant to listen to it too often for fear of losing those memories it evoked? Well, this is […]

Ida Elena’s “Venice Tears” — A Tale of Gothic Romance

Venice is a unique place. At its worst it feels much like something managed by Disney. The streets sticky with melted gelato and heaving with tourists, you’d be hard pressed […]

A blog like this wouldn’t be complete without them – Blackmore’s Night

Once upon a time there was an angry young musician known for his dark moods and smashing guitars, then he met a beautiful fairy princess and lived happily ever after. […]