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Through a Fairy’s Eyes – The Wonderful Art of Mariana Roberts

It takes something amazingly special to capture the romance and magic that still exists in our world these days. Too many people seem to be so afraid of being seen […]

Glastonbury, Stonehenge and Ancient Sites in Southwest England

There is a road in the south of England called the A361. Its path closely follows the trail of the St Michael & Mary ley line which links St Michael’s […]

Ida Elena’s “Venice Tears” — A Tale of Gothic Romance

Venice is a unique place. At its worst it feels much like something managed by Disney. The streets sticky with melted gelato and heaving with tourists, you’d be hard pressed […]

A blog like this wouldn’t be complete without them – Blackmore’s Night

Once upon a time there was an angry young musician known for his dark moods and smashing guitars, then he met a beautiful fairy princess and lived happily ever after. […]

The Gospel of St Cuthbert

The British Library recently acquired what is a miraculously rare treasure. For 9 million pounds they now own outright the St. Cuthbert Gospel which they have previously had on long […]

Mawneye, A Perfect Autumn Stew

There is something magical about the light in autumn. It seems to surround everything with this warm golden halo of contentment. If you asked me what my favourite time of […]